tumblr make it so you can make everyone who’s not a mutual unfollow you


Lena Dunham at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards [August 25, 2014]

i don’t know what to say!!

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when i was 17 this tattoo of a heart on my finger wasnt basic as fuck but now…  

people can be so rude once they realize youre only talking to them 4 pot 

ive literally spent the last 2 hours on grindr asking everybody with “420” on their profiles if they have a pot contact. im so sorry for me rn

when will eating become a thing of the past 

maybe if i didnt smoke so much i could have tastebuds but even then food is still shit 

i can honestly say i fucking hate eating so much, its sucks bcs im  so fucking hungry all the time but i hate spending money of food or wasting time cooking or eating food, i dont even like the smell of food fuck i wish i could take some sort of next level multi vitamin and be done with it